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The Visual Orchestra: Storytelling through music and photography

"The Visual Orchestra” is an emotional journey that allows the spectator to dive into a fictional world of enjoyment, drama and mystery.“The Visual Orchestra” is a 1-hour cinematic experience in which fictional photographic narratives are projected on the evocative soundtrack of a live orchestra.“The Visual Orchestra” is a time machine that brings the spectator into a world of past memories and future dreams. The music leads the spectator into a magical journey through the images. as the stories unfold, the boundaries between sound and vision fade.The show takes place in empty urban lots, in private courtyards, in abandoned theaters, in public piazzas.“The Visual Orchestra” transforms these places into evocative urban theaters, where spectators and passers-by are involved in an intimate experience at the edges of musical performance and photoplay.

"Undercover Shadows” and “Una Storia Neorealista” are fictional narratives inspired by the movies. The images create strong, capturing narratives, tales of drama and mystery, which deconstruct the iconography of memorable movie masterpieces, from Luchino Visconti's neorealism to Fritz Lang's noir, and reinterpret them with a contemporary twist.The musical theme for “Undercover Shadows” is inspired by the jazz musical ambience of 1940s and 1950s’s American noir movies. the theme for “Una Storia Neorealista” mixes the style of post-world war ii Italian cinema with atmospheres from new York city’s 1950s jazz sounds.

"Salome" is inspired by the biblical tale and his interpretation in the arts, particularly in Oscar wilde’s famous play and in the opera by Richard Strauss. This photostory depicts Salome as an icon of threatening female seductiveness, a woman whose lascivious beauty conceals a poisoned obsession. The fin-de-siecle decadence of the story is amplified by the magnificent interiors of the abandoned Teatro Rossi in pisa, where the story takes place. The use of theatrical special effects adds to the glamour-horror feeling of this photodrama.The musical theme for “Salome” is a complex orchestral motif which blends industrial electronic sounds with elements of sacred and baroque music.

"The Stendhal Syndrome” is a tribute to the dark side of Florence, the city where this project has been conceived and has been first shown. It is a homage to the sinister magic of the city’s gothic and renaissance architectures, of its dark alleys, of its dramatic sculptures, of its sumptuous, haunted mansions. The images evoke Florence's sinister magic, and thread together the historical, the present and the imagined city in a coherent whole. Through images of forgotten architectures from the baroque, renaissance, medieval and art nouveau age, of sumptuous abandoned palaces, along with Florence’s most remarkable architectures and breathtaking art pieces, it leads the spectator into a fascinating journey into the dark heart of Florence.the music for the “THE STENDHAL SYNDROME” is a complex rhapsodical symphony that blends different musical elements. The opening sequence is introduced by a musical ambience of urban ground noises creating a feeling of suspense,. The music later evolves into a classical-sacral motif of a string ensemble mixed with the rhythmic pattern of a piano ostinato, which reaches a crescendo near the dramatic end, dominated by a complex symphony of piano, sax and percussions.


Cinematic Photography, Visual Storytelling

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